Wednesday, 30 March 2011

NEWS: LA Noire To Be Featured At Film Festival

Rockstar's "LA Noire" which I've been excited about for a while is to be featured at the Tribeca Film Festival.

It's a revolutionary step forward for an underappreciated medium that is clearly starting to be taken more and more seriously. LA Noire is going to be one of the most exciting games this year and I'm jealous of the lucky buggers who will be able to see a preview of it before it's release in May.

Do you think it's right to put a game into a film festival? Should games be appreciated as an art form just as much as films? Do you think Rockstar will be able to hit the big time again after the incredible Red Dead Redemption?


  1. I think that games should be appreciated as much as film, or as much as any other art form. So much creativity goes into games and I think it's a fallacy of ignorant people when they sometimes say that it's not art (luckily, these people are beginning to shut up).

    However, I'm not sure a film festival is the right place for it. I don't have an alternative, but I'd like to see games get a platform and stage of their own, on which to be celebrated.

  2. True, but game festivals are a bit tricky and with games like this it's hard to involve an audience. I suggest their own film festival and screening previews/demos like they did for the new Bioshock (as if you were playing) and the Red Dead Redemption semi-movie which was directed by John Hillcoat. It will lack the direct interactivity that make it exciting but if done right, would be something a bit different. Spike TV awards with trailers and stuff was fair enough, but if treated like a short film festival it could work. Think how Heavy Rain would have looked, big blockbuster looking games like Crysis 2. However, then it might concetrate on the visuals rather than simple, smart gameplay like Limbo. It's interesting ...