Thursday, 3 March 2011

NEWS: Blade Runner Sequel / Prequel's Announced. Oh dear.

Warner Bros & Alcon have bought the rights to Blade Runner. Probably so they can again ruin a perfect film, like everyone else seems to be doing.

Blade Runner is one of my favourite films - it's up there - hands down. I love everything about it and I sincerely believed when I watched this as a kid that I was going to live in this perfect dystopia. Part of me still thinks I will. For all those who say Star Wars is the best sci-fi, that it's Harrison Ford's finest work they can basically suck my hairy balls because Blade Runner wins every time. It's when Ridley Scott was good, remember that? I know it was long ago but squint really hard and I'm sure you can remember.

Anyway, Warner Bros now have legal rights to completely fuck up that perfect film they remember so fondly and watch again and again. They're going to fill in all those holes of what happened before and after the film, the stuff that's better left to audience's imagination - the bit of interaction that viewers can have with a film - you know that connection that people have with it? Well Warner Bros are just going to authoritatively tell you what happened and ruin it for you. I can't wait! Shall we dig up some famous dead people as well, people remembered fondly, maybe Princess Diana, and piss on them while we're at it?

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