Thursday, 3 March 2011

NEWS: Batman Dark Knight Rises Info!

More news on Batman: The Dark Knight Rises - I'd say there were a couple of spoilers ahead. But unless you want to know absolutely nothing, move on - otherwise for some general plot - keep going, it's not exactly spoiling anything.

Basically the Catwoman storyline looks like it will be an origins tale (yawn) but still, hopefully it'll have that Nolan touch. The main evil guys will be the League of Shadows (hmmm) which will be Talia Al'Ghul as reported here a while back (Marion Cotillard?), Tom Hardy as Bane and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as reportedly Black Mask (but nothing confirmed).

For Batman fans, the League of Shadows was mentioned in Batman Begins but in the comics they are called the League of Assassins. If you were in the league and you didn't complete your mission, you'd be targeted by the League - hence a lot of people tried to kill Batman, failed and were subsequently targeted. Maybe that's where Levitt comes in? A character called Dr Darrk was in it who led the group and was more devious than an out-and-out killer. I could see Levitt being that creepy. Is it also a push to think that Liam Neeson could return?

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