Wednesday, 9 March 2011

NEWS: Colin Firth To Star In Park-Chan Wook's "Stoker" Written By ... Wentworth Miller?

Colin Firth seems to be getting better and better in my eyes - but still has a long way to go to prove he is one of the best actors on the planet at the moment. A very long way. But working with one of my favourite directors helps.

The last Park-Chan Wook film I saw was "I'm A Cyborg" but since then, I've wanted to see the short "Night Fishing" (mentioned in this blog last year) and "Thirst" - which I haven't seen, but it's supposed to be good. Unfortunately, as much as I thought "I'm A Cyborg" was good, it wasn't great. But then "Oldboy" was amazing and was actually what I saw on my first date with the girlfriend. Though we had seen about a million films beforehand together. But this was 'official', you know.

Anyway, Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska will be in his first English-language film and will be written by Wentworth Miller. You know, the main guy in Prison Break? Resident Evil 3D? That guy. You know he's gay right? He's written the screenplay. No-one else seems to be finding this quite strange seeing as this is his first screenplay.

The film is about Vampires, much like "Thirst", but completely different. Forget the fangs and blood. This is about someone who 'preys on the innocent'. Firth has made it clear he wants to move away from his British, stereotypically posh boy image and concentrate on expanding his horizons. If you've won Best Actor then you can pretty much do what you want safe in the knowledge that you've achieved the world's highest honour. It'll be great to see him do something different as part of the reason why I can't stand him is he is so painfully British and bland, so hopefully doing some evil horror stuff in an intelligent Wook film will do the business. However, maybe Park-Chan Wook is selling out? A-list line-up with a screenplay written by a TV actor? I don't think he is but I imagine by hiring Firth, it might be more to draw audiences in rather than credibility. Just a thought.

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