Thursday, 20 January 2011

NEWS: "X-Men: First Class" Pictures Up!

New pictures released!

After a shitty Photoshop image of the X-Men cast was sent through the Internet (I didn't put it up because it was clearly a fake), the producers have released some images to keep fanboys happy and it looks like the team are returning to the original X-Men stuff. I used to collect X-Men comics and as great as the Sixties X-Men was, it was a bit lame compared to all the great stuff that happened later (The Apocolypse series was perhaps the best comic run ever that hit everything X-Men related - incredible - but doubt anything like that will happen).

Anyway have a look below and see what you think. The best thing is seeing January Jones, who is from Mad Men and who I fancy the fuck out of, being in a pretty sexy costume opposite Kevin Bacon. Take a gander.

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  1. Fancy the fuck out of, indeed. And Kevin Bacon's hair is righteous!