Thursday, 20 January 2011

NEWS: Lethal Weapon To Be Remade!

Gibson and Glover left out of a new Hollywood reboot of action classic Lethal Weapon.

Yes it's true, Joel Silver is going to get Will Beall to write the script and it will be released by Warner Bros. After what happened with Lethal Weapon 5 going down the chute, it looks like it's finally over the original two and it's time for some fresh blood.

Chances are it'll be shit though.

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  1. I loved both 1 and 2 - just because they were both really dark. Afterwards, it was just a comic caper, while yes, I appreciated, changed the tone of the series. Yeah, I kind of agree, the remake is probably not going to be that great. How can you get the chemistry between Glover and Gibson again?