Wednesday, 19 January 2011

NEWS: Time Crimes Remake Going Ahead - Damn!!!

Another Hollywood remake of one of my favourite films of recent. Why can't they just leave things alone?!

"Let The Right One In" was amazing. It didn't need a remake apart from people who can't be bothered to read and to be honest, if they're like that, they don't deserve to watch a good film. Instead studios should distribute the original with the money they invest into the remakes. "Time Crimes", a Spanish film released a couple of years ago, is unfortunately going to be remade by Steve Zaillian at Dreamworks. In case you don't know anything about this film, go out and buy it, rent it or find it or something and DO NOT watch a trailer or anything. Just watch it with an open mind and I guarantee you you'll love it. The remake will be awful. Guaranteed.

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