Thursday, 20 January 2011

NEWS: Ricky Gervais in US Office Announced!

Ricky Gervais Will Appear In US Office! My Dream Has Come True!

For IDIOTS out there who don't watch US office (probably basing it on an episode from the first series and missing out on some of the best comedy to ever come out of the States) then this might not mean much, but for those who think the US Office is better than UK Office (which I'm afraid to say it is marginally - basically because the jokes are more frequent, fresh and the characters are much more fleshed out - UK Office was funny but sorry, I'd sit and watch a US Office over a UK Office now any time of the week), this means a lot.

People who don't give US Office a chance have to remember it's now a completely different creature which in no way really resembles UK Office and though the last season or two have been a bit off, overall the US Office has provided me with most of the best comedy I've seen for a while. Not to shit on UK Office because I love it, but I prefer the US one. Controversial yes.

Anyway, Gervais is set to appear as David Brent in a cameo, BUT seeing as Carrell is leaving, could this possibly mean Brent might return in the US Office? That would be the best thing ever. Imagine Andy, Dwight, Creed and all that dealing with Brent-isms. Can't wait for the second half of this series to start. I can now look forward to Fridays with even more enthusiasm!


  1. It has also been announced that one episode will be about how Michael Scott shot the film of the screenplay we saw in Season 3 (the James Bond rip-off). Can't wait!

  2. Dwight: What is my perfect crime? I break into Tiffany’s at midnight. Do I go for the vault? No, I go for the chandelier, it’s priceless. As I’m taking it down, a woman catches me. She tells me to stop. It’s her father’s business; she’s Tiffany. I say no. We make love all night. In the morning the cops come, and I escape in one of their uniforms. I tell her to meet me in Mexico, but I go to Canada – I don’t trust her. Besides, I like the cold. Thirty years later, I get a postcard: I have a son, and he’s the chief of police. This is where the story gets interesting. I tell Tiffany to meet me in Paris, by the Trocadéro. She’s been waiting for me all these years, she’s never taken another lover. I don’t care. I don’t show up. I go to Berlin. That’s where I stashed the chandelier.