Sunday, 1 January 2012

REVIEW: Boardwalk Empire Season 2

Or what should be called 'Jimmy Vs Nucky' ...

To follow on from an incredible first season of Boardwalk was always going to be difficult, but thankfully the second series lived up to expectations and with a bit of a slow start, it is certainly a season that gains pace only to smack you around the head by the end.

Things pick up pretty much where they left off, but this season focuses pretty much on Jimmy and his rise through the ranks. His character is definitely one of the most interesting, and it's actually Nucky who slows everything down with his somewhat boring political affairs as he tries to keep himself on top of the game and yet out of prison. Richard is given a bit more screen time and allowed to show some deeper disturbing character traits that are the personification of what Jimmy brought back from the war, Richard is a part of Jimmy that he holds sacred.

There are obviously lots of storylines going on, Michael Shannon has some domestic and financial issues to sort out, racism and sexism is everywhere and even the fight in Ireland makes it's mark. The only thing is that what made the first season interesting is somewhat lacking this season. The violence which is the real bang, is too few and far between, also we get caught up in a lot of talk and meetings that slow everything down. Also Mrs. Schroeder (however you spell it) makes me want to kill myself every time she comes on screen, which is unfortunately quite a lot.

Overall, this is still one of the highest quality TV shows out there, but this season felt a little bit too self-important and lacked the punch that the first season had with every episode. Jimmy, however, is incredible and his arc throughout the season is what knits the entire thing together. Even as jaded as I am with twists and turns, I really was surprised quite frequently.

An absolute gem, but hoping third season gets better.

Rating: 8/10

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