Sunday, 29 January 2012

NEWS: Xbox Loop/720/NextBox Updates

Well there's a bit more information flying around the new Xbox system. Mainly that the AMD Radeon technology will be powering the graphics with a similar chipset to the 6670. Therefore it will have six times the raw processing power of the current Xbox 360 and will also make it faster than Wii U. Development kit should be with gaming companies as early as August.

The new Xbox console will also bite the bullet and play Blu-Rays, something it should be doing now anyway but doesn't want to admit total defeat by using a Sony product after the HD war between the consoles.

The big news is that this week it has been leaked that the new console will not allow you to play used games. There was talk an authentication code would be needed, or online verification. The seeds of this have been planted in games already but this really would be a shocking turn for gamers and something I think Sony should get behind the gamers on. It could give them the edge.

Also we're finally getting rid of the ridiculous Microsoft points system and going back to cold hard cash. I still to this day don't know how many points it is to the pound. It's a stupid currency that cheats gamers into thinking it's not real money that they are spending. Tut tut.

So there you have it, anything else people have heard that I haven't mentioned?

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