Friday, 6 January 2012

NEWS: Akira Film Cancelled

One of the most anticipated movies to come about in recent years has had it's plug pulled. Say goodbye to Akira ...

We all hoped the live action version of Akira was going to be something to change cinema, much like the animated version did back in '88, however Warner Bros have decided to stop production and it now looks like it might never happen. It's not just about the money either...

Garrett Hedlund (Sam in Tron: Legacy) was the only person to sign on, but Brad Pitt was always connected to it amongst other high-profile names but a lot of rumours spread that it wasn't going to be one to please the fan boys. Apparently it was going to be a PG13, set in a 'New Manhattan' and be kiddie-friendly, Steve Kloves probably wasn't the best choice - the guy who wrote the Harry potter films, whom I HATE and who has also wrote the new Spiderman, which will of course be awful. So maybe it's for the best.

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