Saturday, 9 July 2011

NEWS: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

This has to be the strangest poster ever.

Imagine a world without Planet of the Apes, not just the Tim Burton monstrosity, but without the entire saga. Now imagine an industry executive sitting in his big leather chair, smoking a huge cigar and guffawing about how much money he's making. In comes a sprightly young lad
 "I have an idea"
 "Well go ahead kid, that's what I pay you for!"
 "A world where apes get super smart and take over the world."
"What will we call it son?"
"Rise of The Planet Of The Apes"
"I love it! What's the poster like?"
"It's a city burning in the background, but really it's just a big monkey with his fist in the air with loads of monkeys behind him"

Somehow I couldn't imagine anyone thinking that this poster is a good idea. It completely lacks integrity, imagination and just looks stupid. Are these attributes going to apply to the film? Probably.

The trailer looks interesting, but 'interesting' in that I don't know what it's supposed to be. The end sequences with apes wreaking havoc look like Jumanji and I can't imagine this film offering anything new. James Franco might be leading the way but Rupert Wyatt really only has The Escapist to his name, which didn't do amazingly well but was supposed to be good. What do you guys think? Excited at all? Do you like the poster?

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