Monday, 4 April 2011

REVIEW: Game Of Thrones 14 Minute Teaser

Don't you love Sean Bean? Didn't you think he was awesome as Boromir? Imagine if there was a bit more, perhaps a TV series, where he was playing someone like Boromir? Let's call it "Game of Thrones" and let's release the first 14 minutes. Oh, go on then.

The HBO series based upon the George R. R. Martin novels and is a battle of power for who should take over the kingdom. A medieval Sopranos apparently. The series even has it's own language developed for some of the characters and is rumoured to be the next big HBO series that will blow everything else out of the water.

I'm not too hot about the writers/producers Benioff and Weiss since Benioff wrote the screenplay for Troy and X-Men Origins: Wolverine but also adapted The Kite Runner quite successfully. However, it depends how closely they stick to the hugely popular fantasy series which I really know very little about. So coming in at this without much knowledge I watched the opening 14 minutes of Game Of Thrones and thought I'd tell you what I think. I would say Spoilers but you're going to find this out as soon as you watch it, so it doesn't exactly ruin anything.

It looks brilliant. The opening scene in the snow is paced smoothly and the occult/horror side of it I really didn't expect. The tense action at the beginning reveals very little but you can tell it's going to be a dark affair. The last seven minutes is on Sean Bean and his family, which seem to be very close (perhaps too close?) as he sets an example for his son. The poor ten year old boy watching a violent spectacle needs to know this because 'the winter is coming'. It offers up very little, but teases well, who are these strange mythical creatures everyone is suddenly scared of? What happens in Winter? The set and look of the piece still has to step away from Black Adder / poor man's Lord of the Rings but I'm sure it will. It all looks good so I'm hoping that once this airs on Sky Atlantic we'll be watching some great British talent doing some cool fantasy stuff until The Hobbit comes out.

Rating: 9/10

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