Friday, 1 April 2011

NEWS: Total Recall Remake With Bryan Cranston

I finished the first season of Breaking Bad a little while ago and didn't have time to review it unfortunately, but I can safely say I thought it was an inspirational piece of TV and I'm happy to say that it looks like Bryan Cranston will be the villain in Total Recall remake.

You will probably better know Cranston as the Dad in Malcolm In The Middle, but if this dissuaded you against Breaking Bad then you missed out.

For those with the initial shock of 'Total Recall remake!' - it's been on the cards for a while unfortunately with Colin Farrell taking over as "Quuuaaaaiiidddd" (cue foetus voice).

Neal Moritz is set to produce who has produced some absolute shit in his time - "Urban Legend" "Cruel Intentions" "The Fast & The Furious" "xXx" "Torque" "SWAT" "Evan Almighty" "I Am Legend" and "Battle: Los Angeles" so basically expect it to be crap. Kurt Wimmer will write who has worked on some good and some bad including "Salt" "The Recruit" "Street Kings" "Equilibrium" "Sphere" - so not exactly an amazing writer but teaming these two up is asking for trouble. Do you think they can pull it off? Should Total Recall just be left alone?

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