Wednesday, 3 March 2010

The Shield Season 3

Mack's Back. With a slightly lacklustre second season, can The Shield get back on track third time round? Of course it bloody well can!

The second season ended with the big heist and right now, the Strike Team are just trying to lay low. But with Armenians trying to get to them, and a rival Decoy Squad being employed (haven't I seen that old guy before?), it's all getting a bit messy and once again - Vic's having some home troubles.

I think this season has been my favourite so far. The stories are a lot more daring and punchier and the characters have really come into their own. Vic is starting to realise that toeing the line and being so morally ambiguous has it's drawbacks. Big time. The money heist is causing nothing but problems and starting to get in the way of the team. Not only this, but his wife who acts like she's hard up but is a right bloody moany, selfish cow is doing his nut and it seems all his kids are having problems. When you've got a city to keep clean, you don't really want any of this.

Once again the action is top notch. Stake-outs, busts, violence and cops twisting the law makes for great TV but there was some certain scenes that really made an impression on me. One of which was in the fourth episode that features a certain (kind of) rape scene and really took me by surprise - I don't think I had seen anything like that on TV before and it was completely out there but it really brought home the fact that as much as The Wire was for the 'thinking man' - The Shield knows shock value and to be honest, I'm enjoying the constant chaos of The Shield over The Wire. Sure it's not as sophisticated, but I really like Die Hard and sometimes I'd rather watch that than LA Confidential - so sue me.

Once again there's a great broader picture at play. Dutch goes a bit, well, weird, while trying to solve a gerophile rape case (is that the right word?), Claudette risks it all for her black and white moral outlook and Shane tries to settle down. As much as I love everyone in this series, Shane has really grown on me far more than I think he'd have done. What started out as a no-brain hick, has turned into a sophisticated, layered, funny and well-dressed individual. The fight scene (you'll know what I'm talking about) is done with such ferocity, it made me wonder if these guys did actually hate each other!

Overall, it's a great season and has gone leaps and bounds by taking risk after risk, and coming out better for it. I'm hoping it won't stop letting up because there is not one episode that I found myself thinking 'I'm bored' - even the slow bits were interesting. I would say something if I thought this was shit, but it really is good. I recommend it and can only hope it gets better which is why it isn't a 10 yet. The final scene ends with Vic crying, the first time we see him get so upset and it's the first time that you wonder how this guy can put up with so much. But I really want some more to hit him so he goes completely crazy. They're leading up to something spectacular, I can feel it....

Rating: 8/10

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