Monday, 22 March 2010

The Fourth Kind

Probably the most self-aware film in Hollywood, this strange story about a city plagued by UFO abductions includes 'real' footage and is a true story. The message is - believe what you want to believe. Well believe me, it's shit.

As the film opens, Milla Jovovich walks up to the camera to introduce herself as ... Milla Jovovich. She explains that she will be playing Dr. Abbey Tyler and that the following film will mix real footage with reconstructions. The problem is, none of it is true. After doing some research myself while I was watching the film, the whole thing is a pile of bollocks. Anyone with a brain can see things like the fake dates put on the camcorder screen, the excessive acting taking place in the 'real' footage and the fact that it has never popped up before on YouTube for someone who seems to record everything, would be mind blowing.

But let's step away from the false 'Blair Witch' marketing, what's it about? Tyler is a psychiatrist who is helping patients who can't sleep, but there's a lot of people going missing or just going plain crazy - and it's from aliens abducting people. She delves deeper until it starts to get a bit too close to home ... literally. The acting throughout this movie is awful, and the blended 'real' footage looks so completely fake anyway that it's cringeworthy. It's also so, so, SO boring - I wanted to turn it off several times but stuck with it for one thing only. The weird possession scenes actually looked quite disturbing, and those were the only bits I enjoyed. Baring in mind there's about two of them, you can see how it's a tough film to get through. The laughable interview the director has with the 'real' Tyler is awful and there's a threadbare storyline about her refusing to accept the death of her husband and if she is truly mad. The film even goes as far to say at the end what happened to the characters.

This was released at the same time as Paranormal Activity and is proof that no matter how much hype or money you throw at something, shit is still shit. Avoid like the plague.

Rating: 1/10

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  1. LOL totally agree with this. For me, this film was much anticipated and such a huge letdown when I watched it. The film conned people into believing all the footage was real when it wasn't.