Saturday, 20 February 2010


Angels. Guns. Monsters. A Godly treat? More like a horrible sin.

I really had high hopes for this, high enough to need wings myself but, like Bettany does in the opening few scenes, I feel like they were cut off. Leaving me scarred, bruised and slightly pissed off. Just like his character Michael who has left his fellow angels to stand up for the humans against his own kind.

Mixing different genres such as survival horror, action, war and more, you'd think it could potentially be something transcendent. But once the initial characters are set up (black guy listening to gangster rap carrying a gun, disinterested waitress, chiseled jock, slutty teen girl etc.) you feel like you just don't really care. The southern young jock played by the guy from Tokyo Drift, Friday Night Lights etc. (who cares what his name is) is pathetic and his character learns nothing but to be brave. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? Dennis Quaid is starting to fall too much into his macho bitter grunt persona that he seems to be occupying in his roles these days but it really is Bettany that holds the whole thing together. You actually feel a sadness about his fallen angel and he proves he can hold his own in an action film, but when given such awful dialogue he easily pulls it off that it could slip through untrained ears. All the other characters are shit really, they're just fodder to stretch the film out to the full hour and a half.
The effects etc. are good, yeah, the story is simple, but with a lot of plotholes and for some idiot young teen, it'll probably do the trick. So let's be honest, you'll walk into this film expecting a cool action film, but the monsters aren't into it as much as I would have liked, the survival aspect seems a bit unfounded (why can't God get through a blocked door?) and the whole 'save the baby, save the human race' that holds the story together doesn't really make sense. Also, this God of theirs seems a bit of a cock to be honest. The action isn't as exciting or regular enough to keep me interested but some bits are cool, the swarm of flies, the ice truck monster, the old lady at the start - but it just feels like they took something that had so much potential and really fucked it up, so that the cool bits from the comic (I would imagine) are the only saving qualities.

If there's nothing else on, there might be enough here to keep you going. But don't go out of your way to see it. The sequel might be better but give it to an actual director, not someone who works in visual effects. Just a tip there.

Review: 5/10

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