Friday, 29 October 2010


Playstation Phone

People are starting to work themselves up into a frenzy that the Playstation Phone will be around the corner soon. However, even though it's been verified that Sony are working on a device that doesn't need constant Wi-Fi but uses a cellular network, it might be assumed that this will just be the PSP2 people have been hearing about.

The image here was 'leaked' online but it's hard to say whether it's real or not. Apparently it will run on Google Android and feature direct access to the Sony Marketplace. Engadget says the device pictured features a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 mobile processor, 512MBs of RAM, 1GBs of ROM, a 3.7 to 4.1-inch touchscreen display, a built-in camera with LED flash, and the slider panel. The bit in the middle is a touch sensitive surface rather than analog sticks and well, that's about it.

Sony have neither confirmed nor denied the picture which means it either is a proper leak, or it's just creating online buzz as a marketing ploy, or both. Either way, let's hope it's not like the N:Gage. Do you know anyone who bought that? Let me know - because they weren't cheap!

Dark Knight Returns

Christopher Nolan has announced that Batman 3 will be entitled 'The Dark Knight Rises' and, although we know Tom Hardy will be in it, we still don't know as what. Nolan ruled out the Riddler making an appearance and it will be shot in 2D like the last one. There have been rumours that the villain might be a woman ... let's hope it's not Halle Berry again.


If, like me, you were still holding out in the hope that Caprica could get better then don't bother, it's been cancelled. Ratings and reviews were tough (Wild Bore one will be up as soon as I finish the first season), but with it's painfully slow storyline and with no action, it's hardly surprising. The Battlestar fans were never going to get on board with it as it has been lacking anything that had drawn their interest. Has anyone else been watching it?

Instead Syfy has asked BGS makers to concentrate on Cyclon Wars set prequel Blood & Chrome, with a young Bill Adama taking on the Cylons. At the moment, it's just a TV pilot but could turn into a series completely set during the war, which would be a lot better.

If you're a big fan of Caprica don't worry, they will be drip feeding the end of the first season throughout the beginning of 2011. Yawn.

Star Wars New Films & 3D Extravaganza

If you didn't already know, George Lucas is going to squeeze out even more money by re-releasing the entire 6 Star Wars films in 3D (as well as the 4 Indiana Jones films) and if it is to be believed, that afterwards he will embark on three new films taking place during Episodes 4-6 but nothing to do with the main characters. This also will be completely separate to the confirmed Star Wars TV series that was greenlit a little while ago. Is it all a bit too much? What do you think?

South Park "Insheeption" Rip Off

Oh dear, for what is normally my favourite original show it looks like the South Park crew have ripped off College Humour in terms of their Inception jokes last week. They have since apologised but here's the original College Humour video and the end is great, what do you think? Worth apologising for?

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

The Hobbit

In case you don't know, Martin Freeman (Tim from The Office) is now
going to be Bilbo in Jackson's The Hobbit. Is this a good call? I will hedge
my bets after his carbon copy acting that might as well be renamed as
the following. "Tim From The Office In Space!" (Hitch-hiker's Guide
To The Galaxy), "Tim From The Office At School" (Nativity) etc. etc.,
but let's wait and see. Oh and Sylvester McCoy, the Time Lord himself,
might pop up as a wizard.

Avatar Sequels

And so the time has come for Cameron to announce that he will be
filming Avatar 2 and 3 back to back to be released at Christmas
2014 and 2015. Apparently they will be self-contained stories,
so I don't think it will be a Matrix blunder this time. Do you think
they should just leave it alone?

Devil May Cry

Capcom are doing quite well at the moment. Dead Rising 2 has
made them a tonne of money so far and even DLC Dead Rising :
Case Zero (which I enjoyed) has made them a fair bit. People
have complained that these 'paid' pre-release items will mean
the end of free demos, but I argue that as long as these titles
are self-contained, they are worth shelling out for. It's just an
extra bit to the story and demos will always be free because
people will always want to know what they are buying first if
they can help it, and this is extremely important with games.
Anyway, back to Devil May Cry, Capcom have said that a new
look Dante is coming back and they've teamed up with the
amazing Ninja Theory team to release it. I'm excited. Are you?
You mean about the game? So did I ... sure ....

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  1. I saw the end coming for Caprica when it got dumped on Tuesdays in the late slot. I'm not holding out much hope for Stargate: Universe either.